The Ghost of Money: How Time Became our Worst Enemy

“Paper is poverty. It is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.”- Thomas Jefferson

Economist Magazine

(The Cover of the Economist Magazine January 1988)


Money vs. Currency

What is money? Money has unique qualities. Money is a store of value. Money is a medium of exchange. Money is economic energy being stored ready to be used when the time is right. Money is honest, just weights and measures.

Money is:

A unit of account, a medium of exchange, portable, durable, divisible, and fungible (interchangeable).

Currency is: all of these things. However, there is one aspect that currency, especially paper currency lacks. It is not a STORE OF VALUE. Money has to hold it’s value for long periods of time. Currency loses it’s value over time, and no fiat/paper currency has ever lasted. Paper currency is the ghost of money.



(Excerpt from Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 1)

Time Value of Money

There is an interesting phenomenon when it comes to paper currency. The concept of principal and interest is at play when currency is formed. What most people do not understand is that our currency is created from nothing. Our currency is first borrowed into existence, which then the Federal Reserve writes a check from an empty bank account which is then used to print currency out of thin air (the Federal Reserve Bank is not a federal bank, but a private corporation with stockholders who are paid 6% dividends annually, and has no reserves and is not a bank- So our currency is borrowed into existence and therefore is a debt instrument. “Federal Reserve Note” at the top of the dollar bill literally means, “I promise to pay back plus interest.” And here’s the catch. The interest is never put in to the system in the first place and is compounding. That means the longer it takes to pay back, the debt exponentially grows and we fight each other to pay it off. I smell a Ponzi scheme.

Federal Reserve Note

Isn’t it amazing how our national debt in the U.S.A. has risen to over $19 trillion and continues to grow daily?

(Access this link to see it grow live-

See, we work for some of that currency, and we pay taxes, most of which goes to pay the interest on that debt, and the rest on government expenditures and social programs which are mostly bankrupt. We trade our precious time for currency. See this system makes time become our enemy. And in order to pay off the debt, we must continue to trade away more and more of our time and freedom in order to pay off a debt for an increasingly depreciating paper currency. And there in lies the snare. There is built in debt for every dollar in existence, and the more we print the more interest on the debt needs to be paid. Huh? Yes, there is more debt than currency to pay it off. This is the conundrum. The vicious debt enslavement system we find ourselves in. And it robs us of our TIME. Yes. The money masters control our time with the ghost of money. Compounding interest has made time our enemy, and the more time we trade working for debt, the less time we spend with friends and family, enjoying freedom. To learn more about how our currency system works, check out Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 4 below:

With all this being said, we have exhausted this paper paradigm. The world is convulsing as king dollar has enslaved and indebted people and nations. Debt always collapses at some point or another. This will be no different. Weather by default or hyperinflation, we will have a new system. Global economies are failing as we speak, banking systems collapsing before our very eyes. There’s no way to avoid it. Paper currencies always revert to their intrinsic value, ZERO. Fiat currencies have been implemented for thousands of years, with the same exact results every single time. What does a ghost and the dollar have in common? They both are intangible. They’re both out of time. They  both cannot take back what they’ve done. Both will be left wondering in the cold world of debt/death, only to be a fleeting memory of the past.

Gold Bullion Pic.PNG

The Golden Solution to Our Paper Problem

Still, barely 1% of the world has even a surface level understanding about how to overcome this dying financial system. However, more and more are awakening to the reality of our situation. But how do you defeat this debt system? I along with many others have chosen to protect my financial assets and purchasing power with monetary metals: Gold. Yes Gold is money, and why is that? As we stated before, money must maintain its purchasing power for long periods of time. Well, Gold has been here for thousands of years, never tarnishing or losing its value. It has always been money. It has always been the safe haven in times of crisis and once again, will be at center stage when we experience this global monetary crisis in the coming months. Physical, tangible, pure gold bullion is how we’re protecting our financial assets from harm. No matter what, Gold will retain its value, even through inflation. Gold is and always will be sovereign wealth, your ticket out of debt and enslavement. If you want to figure out what opportunities we’ve found with Gold, check out the video below. Time is growing ever shorter. Make it your friend. Make time your ally instead of your enemy. Don’t let ghosts interfere with your wealth and freedom. After all, ghosts don’t have power over you unless you willingly give it to them, the same for this debt/enslavement system. Free yourself from this debt, and educate yourself on Gold and how it can cast out the ghosts in your life.


PS: If you want a deep and information packed article about the inner secrets of where our money system comes from, check out the article called “On Principal and Interest, Hermetic Magick, and the Lords of Time” (Link Here)

Also for a bonus, learn more history about the Federal Reserve from a man named G. Edward Griffin and his book- The Creature From Jekyll Island




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